Given the ever changing cyber landscape, business leaders need to take a proactive approach in building cyber resilience. Having a global and up-to-date perspective of the cyber environment is critical for business leaders as we face ever increasing cyber threats.

Active Defence – Empowering
Cyber Resilience

Focus on shifting the paradigm of cybersecurity from a passive to a proactive cyber defence approach.

We have lined up international cyber experts and practitioners from USA, Israel, Europe, China and ASEAN to help provide a broad perspective on the evolving threat environment and the latest cyber defence strategies. We will address the challenges organisations face in building a strong cybersecurity culture, best practices in prevention and response to cyber threats.

The seminar will gather 400 like-minded local and regional business and technical leaders from Government, statutory boards, critical infrastructure organisations and commercial enterprises to discuss, share and learn from one another. These speakers will provide their perspective on the challenges and approaches to proactive cybersecurity. 

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